About Me

I am a freelance Web Designer and I help small businesses, individuals and organisations create an online presence. On the day to day you can find me in a military IT office making sure websites and applications run smoothly. Outside of work, I am a media enthusiast and I try to explore the golden experiences life has to offer. I am currently working on open source projects to better my skills in React JS. Check out my LinkedIn for my work and education experiences. Need to build a web site or application? I’m open for freelance gigs, so hit me up, let’s grab coffee and talk. By the way - I also manage a really good DJ, so chip that in on the coffee table if you need event DJ or party services :)

Ridwan Kadri About


  • Website Design
  • Custom Wordpress Theme Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Wordpress Website Security Maintenance & Updates
  • Website Application Development
  • E-commerce Solutions
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Web App Skills

Core/Main Stack - React JS

Dabbled With - Redux, NodeJS, ExpressJS

Want to Learn - TypeScript, GraphQL, Testing, AWS, CI/CD

Ridwan Kadri Skills


My recent web applications and websites developed for individuals and organizations.


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